as Don Ramiro in La Cenerentola at Skylight Music Theatre

"Luke Grooms brought tremendous vocal range and facility to the role of Ramiro, along with an appropriately regal reserve. Dimitrie Lazich created a quirky, likable Dandini, singing the baritone role with warmth and power. "

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

as Don Ramiro in La Cenerentola at Skylight Music Theatre

"Even in the opera’s most spectacular aria, Ramiro’s “Si, ritrovarla io guiro,” the six men of the chorus pantomime some Gilbert & Sullivan-style schtick to emphasize the “whoa factor” in Luke Grooms’ bravura singing. Arias like that—splendidly accompanied by Subbaraman and the orchestra—were the musical highlights of the evening. Grooms and Sishel Claverie (Cinderella) phrased Rossini’s melodies beautifully..."

as Jean Valjean at Red Mountain Theatre Company

"Luke Grooms plays Jean Valjean, the man convicted of stealing bread to save his sister’s children from starvation. Grooms physical appearance fits the character well, who is portrayed as a man of great size and strength as he labors in prison to repay his legal debt. Looking the part alone does little to carry this incredibly demanding role, but Grooms exhibits his professional tenor chops with a voice that is clear and powerful combined with acting that transfixes the audience member to his plight. He delivers a stellar performance in every scene in which he appears."

the Vestavian

as Jean Valjean at Red Mountain Theatre Company

"...his "Bring Him Home" ranks right up there with the best (including Broadway and national tours)."

As Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

The cast of Skylight Theatre's "Les Miserables" are some of the most talented performers from across the nation. Luke Grooms starred as Jean Valjean, moving audience members to tears in his performance of "Bring Him home" and "Valjean's Death". These songs suit Grooms perfectly as his incredible vocal range and expressiveness bring the sentimental performances to the height of their potential.

Emily Carl for

as Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

"A spectacular cast fulfills Hugo's attempt at underscoring the plight of the poor and the difficulties rising above one's supposed mistakes under Rhode's vision. Luke Grooms surpasses grand expectations when his Valjean tries to redeem his life as a man maligned for 19 years in prison when he steals a loaf of bread to feed a hungry child."

Peggy Sue Dunigan for Broadway World

as Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

To me, the most beautifully rendered melody of all was Valjean’s soulful “Bring Him Home.” Among many musically gifted vocalists, none equaled Luke Grooms, who played the leading role as Valjean with power, variety and sensitivity.


As Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

"With a talented array of voices, the musical aspect of this show is quite well-executed. Luke Grooms has an intense tenor powering through the heroism of Jean Valjean."

Express Milwaukee

As Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

"The cast is uniformly superb, led by Luke Grooms as the escaped convict Jean Valjean, and Andrew Varela as his pursuer Javert. A polished, operatic tenor, Grooms easily masters the challenging score. He is a big man whose physical presence matches his importance to the story. He can lead the production numbers with his booming voice, but he can also sing sweetly and tenderly when offering a prayer."

Anne Siegel for The Wisconsin Gazette

As Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

"Tenor Luke Grooms doesn't just exhibit impeccable voice control in singing "Bring Him Home," but also traces Valjean's growth from anger into wisdom-"

Mike Fischer for the Journal sentinel

As Jean Valjean at Skylight Music Theatre

"Luke Grooms plays Valjean, and you can’t watch and listen to him without thinking of the great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Grooms has the same kind of dominating stage presence that carried Pavarotti to worldwide acclaim. Grooms is a lead tenor, and his voice scales the skies inside the Cabot Theatre with both power and intimacy. His rendition of "Bring Him Home" rivals the one I saw Colm Wilkinson sing in the original Broadway production of "Les Mis."

Dave Begel

As Nemorino in Elisir d'Amore with Mississippi Opera

Day breaks on a jaunty Wild West set on Thalia Mara Hall's stage, where our story's hero yawns awake on a sleeping porch and climbs down to town. That yawn may be the only time tenor Luke Grooms opens his mouth and nothing lovely comes out.

Clarion Ledger

As Beadle Bamford in The Fulton Theatre's Sweeney Todd

His partner in crime is the Beadle, played with magnificent creepiness by Luke Grooms.

As The Duke in Rigoletto with St. Petersburg Opera

As the Duke, Luke Grooms delivered his famous aria on the fickleness of women, La donna e mobile, with swagger designed to irritate a feminist. Also striking was the contrast between the tenor's oily sweetness as the Duke impersonating a student to woo Gilda and the forceful brutality his voice took on as ruler of the court of libertines.

Tampa Bay Times

praise for Luke Grooms in his Los Angeles Cabaret debut

Luke Grooms holds an audience with the power of his voice and the gentleness of his personality. Adjusting his voice to a cabaret setting, Grooms uses his opera-trained tenor as a baseline from which to let his voice soar to dramatic heights, with a consistently powerful delivery, a variety of emotions and excellent enunciation."


"In performance, his delivery runs the gamut — from an ability to rattle the room with the strength of “Monticello,” a song about leaving home from the revue Edges: A Song Cycle by Benjamin Pasek and Justin Paul; to showing off his sweet, sensitive side in “Part of a Painting” (Pasek and Paul), “Open Road” from Glory (Nick Blaemire) and Jonathan Reid Gealt’s “September of ’92.”

Elliot Zwiebach for Cabaret Scenes

As Nemorino with Chesapeake Concert Opera

One of those blossoming voices, tenor Luke Grooms is the simple peasant Nemorino who is in love with Adina. When upon receiving the love potion from the traveling medicine man named Dulcamara, charismatically played by Andrew Adelsberger, Mr. Grooms was fun to watch as he passionately held the bottle close to his heart and then raised the bottle to his lips and kissed it believing his dreams of marriage with Adina were about to come true. The highlight of the evening was in Act II with Luke Groom's interpretation of "Una furtiva lagrima" (A furtive tear). This is the point in the story when he finds that the love potion he bought to win the heart of Adina actually works. With rich crecendos that brought out the glory of Donizetti's masterpiece, it is no wonder why this moment provided the loudest audience applause of the evening. He is now on tour with Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" as Piangi.

As Des Grieux in Opera in the Height's production of Manon in Opera L

The tenor, Luke Grooms, has learned to sing softly and mezza voce..., and he relies on it heavily as an expressive device. But he sang very well getting better and better providing a gripping 3rd act all the way through.

as Dwight/God in Jerry Springer: The Opera

But it is the professionalism and focus of these players (a standout being the barrel-chested Luke Grooms, whose lovely tenor could melt butter) that propel the production.

Boston Theater Examiner

As God/Dwight in Jerry Springer: The Opera at Speakeasy Stage Company

..God gets a strong performance, too, from operatic tenor Luke Grooms (after he's done a fine comic turn as a serially cheating fiance).

The Boston Globe

Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction

Luke Grooms, clad in leopard print as Adolphus, shows off a gratifyingly full high tenor as he sings of dying "to please the critics."

Backstage Magazine

Jerry Springer: The Opera at Carnegie Hall a high point, as is Grooms' glorious "It Ain't Easy Being Me"... --


Jerry Springer: The Opera at Carnegie Hall

Luke Grooms, one of the few opera-trained members of the cast, brings a booming authority to the Lord himself.


Jerry Springer: The Opera at Carnegie Hall

..God (Luke Grooms) shows up to complain about how weary it is to be He (in an irresistible high-corn-pone aria).
When Grooms, in his first-act role as a triple-timing fiancé, announces “I’m seeing someone else,” it’s with the exhilaration of someone who suddenly sees high drama in his confusing, tangled life because it’s framed and magnified by television.

Ben Brantley: The New York Times

Jerry Springer: The Opera at Carnegie Hall

..while the opera singers who round out the cast (especially the stunning Luke Grooms as a sexually confused man and, uh, God) help aurally elevate the evening to the vicinity of La Scala.

Off Broadway review by Matthew Murray

I Due Foscari at Carnegie Hall

might mention in particular two young tenors: Guillermo Lagundino (Maryland) and Luke Grooms (Tennessee). (How cool a name is Luke Grooms? How cool a name is Aquiles Machado?) Those two young tenors sang freshly and promisingly.

The New York Sun

The Bartered Bride in Baltimore

...Luke Grooms (the Ringmaster) proved vocally sturdy and telling, the rest of the soloists less so.

Opera News Online

OONY concert

...the soprano-tenor team of Colette Boudreaux and Luke Grooms (in a duet from Donizetti’s “Don Pasquale”) all won deserved ovations.
Hearing the earnest young Mr. Grooms sing the lyrically ornate “A te, o cara, amor talora” from Bellini’s “Puritani,” I thought back to the mid-1970s, when Luciano Pavarotti sang this music in his glory.

The New York Times

The Bartered Bride

...Luke Grooms (the Ringmaster) proved vocally sturdy and telling, the rest of the soloists less so.

Opera News Online

Recording of Signor Deluso on Albany Records

"...Luke J. Grooms shows sweet toned promise as the earnest lover Leon"

Opera News (October's critic's choice?

Recording of Singor Deluso on Albany Records

Signor Deluso has a youthful cast. Even so, the ladies tend to wobble and squawk in high and sustained passages. The gentlemen are much better, especially the lovely tenor voice of Luke Grooms and the rich baritone of Jordan Shanahan.
Librettos in English for all three works.

- American Record Guide (09/15/06)

The Daughter of the Regiment

"The surrounding cast was exceptional as well, particularly Luke Grooms as Marie's love interest, Tonio..."

- Warren Cahill for Prime Times (March 8, 2006)

The Daughter of the Regiment

"Luke J. Grooms as Tonio, her love interest, has a firm, well-controlled tenor that rings with conviction..."

- The Times Herald-Record (March 7, 2006)

La Boheme with Dicapo Opera Theatre

"Luke Grooms who sang the less meaty role Parpignol, the street vendor,in the second, fit nicely with the ensemble and as each member of the cast, added to the overall effect of a performance that was truly outstanding."

-, by Joseph Paul Walkowski (October 2005)

The Memory Game

"The student cast was outstanding, with tenor Luke Grooms as the stolid, dreamy Gebirtig..."

- The Cincinnati Post (June 2, 2003)